Kouncil supports logging to external log file. We suggest to use logback. If you want you can use our provided logback.xml file as it is or use it as a reference to create your custom one. If you use provided logback.xml logs will be placed under logs/kouncil.log

docker run -d -p 80:8080 -e bootstrapServers="kafka1:9092" -e logging.config="path_to_your_logback_xml_file_in_docker_container" -v path_to_your_local_logback_xml_folder:/path_to_your_container_logback_xml_folder consdata/kouncil:latest

If you want the logs to be accessible outside the docker container, you could pass another volume in docker run command like this:

-v path_to_your_local_logback_xml_folder:path_to_docker_container_logs

Also path_to_docker_container_logs should be equal to path in appender/file parameter in logback.xml

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