AWS MSK configuration

If one of your brokers in cluster environment is located in Amazon MSK cluster you should specify saslMechanism, saslProtocol, saslJassConfig and saslCallbackHandler for this broker, like this:

    - name: transaction-cluster
        - host:
          port: 9092
          saslMechanism: AWS_MSK_IAM
          saslProtocol: SASL_SSL
          saslJassConfig: required awsProfileName="username";
        - host:
          port: 9093
        - host:
          port: 9094

Above configuration is using IAM access to Amazon MSK cluster and you should provide AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID as environment variables to Kouncil. And this two values should be generated to the user which has access to Amazon MSK cluster and his username should be provided in awsProfileName in Kouncil configuration.

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